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Over the years, Capoferri has asserted its expertise in the production of luxury products for private residences globally. Producing windows and doors in materials such as hardwoods, bronze, brass, copper, stainless-steel and thermally-broken constructions. Including, motorized lift and slide operations, descending drop-down windows and doors, bespoken facades with thermal breaks suitable for the demanding needs of any climate location.

Luxury North American projects followed such as the exceptional house surrounded by nature in Aspen, Colorado. Permeability of light and the continuity with the landscape were the key requests of the client, which we made real through an ambitious work.

The same minds have also conceived an elegant private residence on the ocean, in Long Island, NY. The wonderful view of the surrounding landscape and its enhancement through our windows were the goals. The result is a peaceful luxury retreat among the fields. All the openings have been subjected to severe laboratory tests to withstand wind pressure, wear, and difficult weather conditions.

Among all the luxury residences we must mention the Spink Property in London. The precision of David Chipperfield required our greatest technical commitment in the creation of windows. We found ourselves studying new systems of connections and interfaces between the windows and the building facade system. The result is a balanced proportion between the components. Particularly demanding was the soundproofing work for the complete soundproofing of the building.

To talk about a work that involved our skills in respecting fine arts, we like to mention the reconstruction of a Yali - one of the traditional waterfront residences on the Bosporus, Strait of Istanbul. Finely worked wood was the predominant construction material chosen for Yalis. Originally designed in 1850 by The Fossati Brothers Architects, then destroyed in a fire. The work had Capoferri engaged in the faithful reconstruction of the house with double hung windows, doors, sunscreens, and a wooden facade cladding. In addition, we were working with the aesthetic elements and processing of architectural materials that can withstand the constant Bosporus sea. We then finished the project with the creation of incredibly decorative and functional hardware components.

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