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Bronze designed windows are a mix of art, style and tradition. They fit modern architecture and are perfect for the restoration of old buildings. Capoferri uses REAL bronze in the implementation of unique and exclusive works.

Capoferri bronze windows are one of the company’s flagships. We take care of all the design, prototyping and processing phases of this particular material in-house.

This alloy has been used for the first time in the seventeenth century. It is so special because it oxidises when it is in contact with the air and it doesn’t change its physical properties.

This natural process can be accelerated by bluing. In this case it assumes the finish of antique bronze with a warm and elegant tonal variation. It isn’t the result of coloring, yet of a self-protection chemical process that does not affect the characteristics of the material.

The bronze window frames have a number of advantages in addition to the aesthetic value that combines tradition and elegance, for prestigious architectural solutions. Bronze can vary its surface appearance and thus obtain finishes such as: copper bronze (green branch), polished medium dark burnished bronze which is typical of ancient bronze.

It also has a high resistance to corrosion, even in marine environments. It is a long-lasting material with low maintenance costs and it is 100% recyclable.

Due to its great beauty and tradition, bronze offers a high-level of profile. We can admire, for example, The Palazzo Anguissola in Milan or The Presidential Palace in Tbilisi in Georgia, where Capoferri has installed 100 oak windows and two three-story facades that stand out for their bronze frames.

Many of the Capoferri engagements come from eminent architects, who rely on our passion and meticulousness in creating tailor made doors and windows in different in shapes, materials and dimensions. We can see another renowned example in the Parco della Musica "Music Park Auditorium" in Rome, designed by Renzo Piano, consisting of 120 doors built from slabs of real bronze.

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