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The wood window design conceived by Capoferri is the result of meticulous high quality material processing.

The wooden windows are the gem of the company’s product portfolio. The wood window production largely requires real handcrafted work and machines represent only one phase of the production cycle.

Capoferri selects the timber on the basis of its resistance over time and use in the critical environmental conditions. The wood is meticulously chosen and cut following optimal procedures. A careful seasoning ensures its stability and a constant maintenance of its characteristics. It is a necessary condition for obtaining a durable product. Later Capoferri is able to make its design wooden windows by painting with various finishes or, in some cases, letting the wood oxidize slowly until it takes a particular silver-gray color.

By a careful selection of materials and accurate manufacturing techniques we create fixtures that define the structure of buildings which are considered real works of art such as the Chapel of Auerberg built on a project by Michele De Lucchi, or the mahogany structures of the Art Galleries of Palazzo Anguissola, in collaboration with the same architect and many other fixtures belonging to the highest level public and private buildings, for which Capoferri was directly hired by some of the most famous architects on the international scene.

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