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Founded in 1894 Capoferri was originally an artisan workshop in a small village near the Italian Alps. In over a century Capoferri has grown to become a major global player. Not only focusing on the production of windows and doors but successfully tackling projects of any size, scale, or type. Including producing bronze, stainless-steel or wooden windows and doors, facades, window walls, entrances, and sunshade systems.

One hundred and twenty-six years of activity have come with a tremendous expansion of our small laboratory. It has become a place for studying, designing, and engineering window and hardware systems and it has transformed Capoferri into its present identity. Capoferri Windows is now an international leader of unique projects of any size or complexity.

Sergio Capoferri is the current productive and organizational power of the company along with his sons Paolo, Francesco, and Luca. Together they feed the inexhaustible energy of the company employees and their collaborators. It is this inspiration, exploration and determination that has led world leaders of architecture and design to the company Capoferri. Architect Renzo Piano, Michele de Lucchi, David Chipperfield, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Antonio Citterio & Partners and many other famous clients have entrusted their elaborate structures of windows and doors into the hands of Capoferri.

As a symbol of the Italian manufacturing process our strong hand-crafted tradition is shaped over generations. It is adorned with modern technology and is aligned with the management expertise of a large-scale industry. Creativity and technology are combined with the constant search for aesthetics and functionality. Beauty is not generated by mere experience, but by the enthusiasm and the continuous pursuit towards producing the best.

Sergio Capoferri is the spokesperson for a positive and vital lifestyle that sees no limitations for those who work and live with passion.

“It is arrogant to say that we have no limits, but these are so far from our mentality, it is as if

they are not there”.


Capoferri windows and doors are never associated with the word “standard”. Each Capoferri design arises from an individual need - from a request for a customized solution that meets the varied desires and is based on the environment and the aesthetic characteristics of the destination.


Enjoy our website and thank you for visiting - The Company Capoferri.

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